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Solar Thermal

How Solar Thermal also known as Solar Hot Water works. 

At the bottom of this page you can see the live operation of a solar hot water and heating system.

Solar thermal is arguably the most simple and efficient of all renewable technologies and we believe that in its simplicity lies its beauty.
Collectors on the roof heat up as the sun shines on them and a pump circulates fluid through the collector transmitting all the heat collected into a storage cylinder for it to be used as needed. There are of course some essential details in the design that need to be right for a system to run well, with next to no maintenance. This is something we have perfected over the years. The systems we install hardly need any maintenance done on them and the way we have achieved this is by designing them well. 

Solar thermal is used on domestic properties as a source of heat for hot water, however with the correct design and surface area it can also significantly reduce the energy used for heating in spring and autumn.

In a commercial set up where heat is used for processing products or large scale hot water systems, solar thermal can greatly reduce energy usage.


Swimming pools are great to heat with solar as the efficiency at low temperatures is very high (approx. 25ºC).  

Live Monitoring of a Solar Thermal System

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