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Solar Powered Borehole 

We connected a solar photovoltaic system to a submersible pump that raises water from a bore hole drilled many metres below the ground surface, filling a large water reservoir. This water was then used to irrigate greenhouses and fields for the farm where this was sited.

The beauty of this system is that the water and minerals extracted are put back into the ground, pretty much in the same area they came from.   It is a closed cycle system benefiting the immediate eco system, including the farm and all powered by the sun. 

Electric Bike

We love building things so we decided to build an electric bike. 

Max commutes from Brighton to Lewes so we did the maths and worked out the kit needed.

When it arrived excitement was in the air and we spent 2 days in the office putting it all together and fine tuning it. The result was a very fast, quiet and cheap way to do a daily commute of 20 miles. 

And it looks great!

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