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Gateway Cafe in Peacehaven
This modern building is a lovely cafe in Peacehaven where you will be able to have a coffee while keeping warm next to the fire, thanks to the wood pellet stove we installed. It is connected to the under floor heating and supplies the building with hot water during the winter months. 
During the summer solar thermal provides the hot water. There are also
Photovoltaic (PV) panels generating electricity.
9 House District Heating
This is a combined biomass and solar thermal system that supplies 9 homes with heating and hot water. The solar thermal array is capable of keeping all the homes with hot water from April until October. They provide background heating during the winter months, reducing the amount of wood needed.

External Pellet Boiler House

Here you can see that boilers do not always need to be in the building they are going to heat. In this case we installed the boiler and a buffer cylinder in a purpose made outhouse. We then used a pre-insulated underground pipe to connect up to the heating system within the house.

Solar Thermal Heating & Hot Water

The schematic as in the diagram here, illustrates a system we designed to allow the solar thermal to take priority over the gas boiler for as long as possible. There is a 14.6 m2 solar collector area that will produce enough heat to run the low temperature heating system in the house most of the spring and the autumn. On sunny days in the winter it will also add to the heat used, reducing the amount of gas needed.

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