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Air Source Heat Pumps

How it works

Air Source Heat Pumps are one of the ways we can tap into the energy from the sun. This is done by transforming the outside air temperature into usable heat for buildings. 

The principal is the same as with Ground Source Heat Pumps; the difference is that we are using the temperature in the outside air instead of the heat accumulated in the ground.

For every kW of electricity used by the Heat Pump, we can extract 3 to 4 kW of heat from the air.  

It is important that Heat Pumps are connected to the right type of heating systems. To work efficiently they need to be running at less than 50ºC. This means that they perform well with under floor heating or over sized radiators. They also need specific hot water cylinders to supply hot water.

Once this is done, there is a big plus to low-temperature heating systems. Just a feeling of all round warmth, overcoming the hot spots, cold spots and dry air associated with conventional heating.

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